Edgework Consultancy offers a range of programmes to assist with organizational change and development, leadership development and revitalisation of the workforce.

The Re-enchantment of Work

This two day residential is held in a range of nurturing locations and is especially valuable to individuals and organizations in times of transition and change. Based on longitudinal research, it uses the’ hero’s journey’ as a process template for re-awakening and recapturing a sense of purpose, vitality and commitment in life and work. Participants have experienced sustained re-energising, clarity of choice and direction, and profound life changes

Leadership Development the Four Fold Way

The highly experiential Leadership development programme is based on the work of the American cross cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien.  While the warrior archetype has traditionally been emphasised in leadership, this programme gives equal attention to developing the Visionary, the Teacher, and the Healer aspects of a leader.  Participants have experienced the development of social and emotional intelligence, voice and authority, significantly more trust in their intuition, and creative problem solving and decision making.

Troubled Teams and Team Building

 These are individually tailored interventions based on your needs and requirements. They draw on a range of paradigms such as Appreciative Inquiry and Personality Typology.