Dear all,

2013 has well and truly settled in. Things have been busy over these last months at Edgework. Several leadership development consultancies, a number of individual clients, and writing committments have made the first few months of 2013 very fast paced. We are delighted and grateful!

Over the last two years, I have been revisiting a process I learned many years ago called- Focusing. It stayed with me because it is such a gentle yet powerful process for bringing about not just self understanding but self cherishing. And don't we all need a bit more of that! It is a wonderful catalyst for supporting wanted and needed change in our lives. And wouldn't we all like more of that! The hallmark of Focusing is its capacity to help us tap inot 'Life Forward Moving Energy'. What a hopeful and helpful approach to supporting change.

It's a process that allows the clearing away of shoulds, musts, and demands of the critical self and the external world. It allows us to identify, accompany, develop and benefit from our own unique experiences and qualities.

Focusing can take remarkably little time in our daily lives. All it requires is that we simply pay attention to the undercurrents of embodied 'knowing' within ourselves and allow these to carry us forward. It feels a bit like- a sudden insight, or the relief of remembering something we have forgotten and have been trying to retrieve. All it requires is that we ask ourselves now and then 'How am I right now? And, how would life feel if it were all ok?'

Lately, I've been thinking quite a bit about Focusing and Authentic Leadership. Leadership is always about moving forward. Authentic Leadership asks us to be true to our best selves, to identify together with others, the right directions, and to move ourselves and others forward.

The Focusing process can be immensely helpful in claiming what our hearts and minds really want and need. The gentle 'listening' steps that facilitate the process mirror beautifully how the best and most effective leaders pay attention to themselves and others and the compelling issues with which we all struggle. If you would like more information on Focusing, check out the Focusing websites. In the UK: and in the USA: Or get in touch with us

warmest wishes,