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Welcome to Edgework Consultancy

Life willing to surpass itself is the good life, and the good life is the courageous life.

 Paul Tillich           

What is Edgework?

Edgework Consultancy works with individuals and organizations who are interested in change and transformation. While growth and development are natural parts of being human, most of us have some anxiety as well as excitement about the uncertainties at the ‘Edge’. This is the place between knowing and not knowing. William Bridges calls it the ‘neutral zone, the space between endings and new beginnings, between where we are and where we want to be.  Often we try to avoid the discomfort at the edge and become stuck in the same old patterns of thinking and behaviour which are known and comfortable to us. We treat ourselves and others with impatience. Instead of maintaining a sense of openness and presence to others, we may blame and judge.  Yet the edge is the most powerful place of transformation.  Edgework involves increasing awareness of this threshold zone, honing skills to deal with uncertainty, and replacing old patterns of behaviour with new perspectives and actions.

What we do at Edgework

We offer a range of coaching, counselling and leadership development services and programmes for individuals and organizations to assist you in: 

  • Finding and recognising your Edge
  • Using uncertainty and confusion of the threshold to move you into new places
  • Building a firm foundation in a new place

On line assessment – Comfortable at the Edge?

Test yourself on how comfortable you, or you and your team or organization are at the Edge by considering for each question whether this is the way you behave 

  • Mostly
  • Somewhat
  • Infrequently

I am able to turn unexpected, unwanted events into something positive and productive.

I have my own preferred way of solving problems and I would call myself an effective solution finder.

There have been times in my life when, event though I didn’t know exactly what to do, I knew in my heart I’d figure things out.

I have the experience or the sense that even during a personal crisis I can function, know whom to ask for help, find my way.

I think of problems or obstacles as challenges to my ability to take care of myself and achieve a sense of autonomy and mastery over my life.

I can let go of an old, outmoded way of thinking and doing something even though it is comfortable.

I enjoy experimenting.

I can move toward my personal and professional goals without a blueprint or a guarantee of success.

I can ask for help from others when I need to without feeling inept or ashamed. 

I sometimes play around with possible answers and I can sustain not knowing how things will turn out for a lengthy period of time.


"Edgework Consultancy really helped me find myself. I have grown as a person and shall continue to do so by taking away what I have learnt. Many thanks for all your help"
Louise Jones, Aberystwyth.